Apacs Finapi 232 (38 LBS, Mega Tension) Graphite Unstrung Badminton Racket with Full Cover

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About this item

  • know your racket: 38 lbs, 285+-3, 85-87 g, flex: medium
  • fused carbon nano tubes: finapi 232 is developed with carbon nanotube material which increases the impact and bending strength of frame and shaft. further, the base graphite material of racket is 24t japan high grade graphite material.
  • ultra high modulus graphite: the racket is made of ultra high modulus carbon graphite material which has higher strength and rigidity properties. it avoids frame deformation and twisting, provides you a more stable and accurate attack point.
  • extra slim shaft: extra slim shaft design provides great strength and better control. flex power has made the design of 7.0mm diameter extra-slim shaft with unique elastic mix and craftwork, which effectively balance the rebound and anti-torsion performance, precisely transmitting power and reflecting the player’s intention.

How to choose a Badminton racquet.

The racquet you finally wield on court must be the right fit for you and should match your playing ability.

Consider important things such as hand grip, racquet weight, head shape, and balance point.


Brand Apacs
Grip Size 3 1/4 inches
Sport Badminton
Material Graphite
Skill Level Intermediate