Cockatoo GRID Foam Roller, Massage Therapists

1,500.00 1,150.00

  • YOUR VERY OWN PHYSIOTHERAPIST – Three different pressure zones mean you are the one in control. Firm material provides a superior rolling experience. Provides muscle soreness relief, extra flexibility, swift injury recovery & more in all key areas of your body including: hamstrings, upper/lower back, shoulders, calves, delts, quads
  • TRUSTED BY THE BEST – The Cockatoo foam roller is endorsed by physical therapists, athletes and bodybuilders.
  • EASILY PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Measuring at only 13″ x 5″ makes it easily fit in your sports bag or backpack. The premium materials are designed to be as lightweight, you won’t even notice it in your bag.
  • CONSTRUCTED BY THE BEST MATERIALS – Your new foam roller is hand-made using only the best high-density materials so that your foam roller won’t break down or lose shape from repeated use
  • Assured Quality By Your Trusted Brand “Cockatoo”


Brand Cockatoo
Color Black